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Welcome to the Crafting simulator.

This page looks best in webkit and good in firefox nightly

The resource selection screen works well in IE10 and Opera, but the experimentation screen is all garbled, because I'm lazy and didn't figure out how to do cross browser flex boxes.

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If you landed here by accident, and have no idea what SWG Armor Crafting is, this app is probably not for you

If you are familliar with the standard crafting UI in SWG, this app will hopefully be intuitive. A few things to note

  • Resources can only be inserted by double clicking. Drag- and- drop is not implemented
  • To make some armor you first need to create at least one segment. It will land in your inventory after you are done crafting it.
  • To begin crafting, select a schematic in the white dropdown list at the top of the page
  • No support yet for optional components. If you want to skip an optional enhancement, fill the slot with a "null" enhancement.
  • Lots of graphics and stats on the screens are fake. But the ones that actually matter are not
  • Numbers are often shown with one of the notorious "hidden decimals".
  • Inventory, and all other state, is reset when you leave the page. Or even when you refresh the page.
  • This page contains no server side code, and nothing you do on the page is tracked.
  • Some images on this page are made from screenshots from the game. They may contain material by copyrighted by Lucasarts or Sony Online. Or Disney. Or something.
  • This page works and looks nice on my machine. Great in Chrome. Good in Firefox nightly.
  • SWG is alive and well. And free. And open source. Check it out at swg emu

item assembly

Assemble your item by choosing ingredients for the crafting slots.
draft schematic slots{{friendly(schematicName)}}




  • {{friendly(key)}}{{(val | number:1) || friendly(val)}}
This container holds small amounts of {{currentResource.variation}}.
  • {{friendly(slotName)}}

Requires {{slot.quantity}} units of {{slot.friendlyName}} (or null)
  • {{friendly(name)}}
    • {{friendly(subName)}}
      • {{friendly(propName)}}: {{prop * 100}}%
        {{resourceName}}: loading...


Use experimentation to improve your prototype.


random schematic type

  • {{friendly(key)}}{{(val | number:2) || val}}
Complexity 25
Experimentation pointsAttributesRisk
  • {{groupName}}

    {{percent * 100 | number:2}}%

Prototype created

A prototype has been created and put in your inventory.


random schematic type

  • {{friendly(key)}}{{(val | number:2) || val}}
Select a new schematic to continue crafting. The {{friendly(finishedPrototypeName)}} will be found in your backpack.